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A recent survey reported more than 62% of Malaysians sleep better knowing they have insurance protection.

Sleep better. Protect yourself and your family today. Get eMedic Plus now from as low as RM33/month. Click here for a FREE quote.

eLife Protector+ has your back, always

Take proactive steps to protect your family's financial future with our easy and simple online life insurance plan.

eCritical Early Care - We Got You

Life can come full circle, but with the right support, you know you can face anything that comes your way. eCritical Early Care is our online critical illness plan that covers 50 Early & Advanced Conditions.

Comprehensive medical protection for you and your loved ones

As the saying goes, health is wealth! Wholemedic provides high medical coverage of up to RM1 million with premium as low as RM57/month*. Watch the video to know more!

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Our Digital Purpose

The Digital Team at AXA AFFIN Life Insurance pioneered digital insurance in Malaysia. Did you know AXA eMedic is the first online medical card to be launched here, and remains the most popular digital insurance product ever?

AXA eMedic has won multiple awards, including Digital Initiative of the Year 2020. Other products that are part of our repertoire are AXA eLife Protector+, an online life insurance plan, AXA eCritical Early Care, the first online critical illness plan to cover 50 Early & Advanced Stage conditions, and AXA eCombo, a 3-in-1 insurance combo that brings together medical, life and critical illness insurance.

We are proud of our journey so far, but our success and achievements are only possible with the support of our customers - YOU. Thank you for standing by us as we push the envelope further. We are humbled and we are looking forward to bringing more for you!

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