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10 Ways eMedic Plus Benefits You


As an average human being, here’s what we think your thought process is when you buy a medical plan: It must cover your hospital admission costs without burning a hole in your pocket, it should come with some value add-ons to reward loyalty, and it should be affordable enough for your whole family.

If you agree with the above, then let’s explore Generali Life eMedic Plus. Here are the top 10 benefits you get with eMedic Plus:

Hassle-free Online Application
eMedic Plus is fully online, and you can get instant approval just by answering a few easy-to-understand health questions. Best part is no medical exam required!

No Lifetime Limit
Yes, you read that right! With eMedic Plus, there’s no Lifetime Limit - Annual Limit resets every policy anniversary up until age 80.

Unlimited Days on Room & Board
Did you know you could use up to your full Annual Limit on room & board expenses? Recover at your own pace, with no limitation on days for room and board accommodation, up to RM250 per day!

Inflation Defender
More bang for your buck! Your Annual Limit will increase 10% automatically every 5 years, up to a total of 150% of the initial Annual Limit. Let’s combat inflation together!

Daily Hospitalisation Allowance
With eMedic Plus’ Daily Hospitalisation Allowance, receive up to RM150 per day, maximum up to 30 policy days a year.

No Claim Rewards
We reward you for staying healthy! Enjoy cool vouchers up to RM60 at the end of each policy year if no claim has been made for that policy year.

Cashless Admission at Panel Hospitals
Get quick access to medical care by just presenting your e-medical card for hospital admission. Convenience when it matters most!

Protection for the Whole Family
We are well-known for our Family Plan! Available for Malaysians, with a maximum of 2 adults and 5 children from the same family – with 5% discount on premiums.

Affordable Premium
With family deductible option, eMedic Plus is as low as RM33 a month. If you opt for Annual Payment mode, you will get additional 5% premium discount.

Covered under our COVID-19 Coverage Campaign
New variants got you worried? Enjoy full COVID-19 medical coverage at no extra cost via our opt-in campaign, available until 31st December 2023.

Have we convinced you? Click below to explore the plans and get your quotation! Terms and conditions apply.


Malaysia's favourite online medical card just got a serious upgrade! Introducing eMedic Plus, with a higher Annual Limit of up to RM150,000 and enhanced benefits like No Claim Rewards, Daily Allowance for Hospitalisation and more – now also available as a Family Plan!

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