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Chapter 2: Love for Parents Knows No Bounds!


Small gestures are a great way to show your love and care to your family members. One way is to protect their future from uncertainty, just like Lily.

Meet Lily, a successful career woman in her 30s. Lily is happy to support her retired parents, who are currently living with her in her home. She also provides a monthly allowance for them to spend on their daily needs and occasional wants.

Recently, Lily has been travelling a lot. While away for work, she wonders: what if anything happens to her? Her filial piety for her parents has got her making plans for the future in case anything unfortunate happens.

Lily knows her parents depend on her, both for emotional and financial support. Being the only child and the breadwinner of her family, she is aware that her parents will suffer if something unexpected were to happen to her.

Thus, Lily chooses to sign up for Generali’s eLife Protector+, the online life insurance plan. Why eLife Protector+? Let’s look at the reasons Lily chose this plan:

- High sum insured of up to RM500,000, which can cover expenses for both her parents comfortably and manage their daily expenses, medical costs, and any debts they may have like a house loan or hire purchase loan.

- 200% payout for Accidental Death, which is something that Lily feels is crucial due to her frequent work travels.

- 100% payout for Total and Permanent Disability, which means if Lily sustains an injury that causes her to stop working permanently, eLife Protector+ will pay out the lump sum for her family to compensate their living cost and help with her medical expenses.

Lily knows that being protected will keep her parents financially secure in case of unforeseen circumstances. Make protection a priority for your dependents as well. Whether single or married, it applies to you!

eLife Protector+ is available online from as low as RM48/month.

Terms and conditions apply.


eLife Protector+ safeguards you and your loved ones from unexpected events and protects their financial future.

From as low as RM48/month
Terms and Conditions apply.

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