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Chapter 3: A Bright Future for the Children


Meet Raj and Devi, a married couple with a 15-year-old son, Arvind. Arvind is the apple of their eye, and they always encourage him to pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor.

Recently Raj and Devi found out a mutual friend of theirs passed away in a road accident, leaving his wife and children with barely anything to live by. Raj and Devi have been diligently saving for Arvind’s future education, but they know that an MBBS degree is very expensive and can cost upwards of RM400,000 in a private university.

Their friend’s fatal accident was a wake-up call – the future is hard to predict, and what would happen to Arvind’s education and his future if something unexpected were to happen to them?

Raj and Devi then discovered eLife Protector+, an online life insurance plan with a high sum insured of up to RM500,000. For them, the plan represented peace of mind – assurance that Arvind will be able to continue his education and pursue his passion if one or both his parents unexpectedly pass away.

The best part about eLife Protector+? RM500,000 life protection up to age 75 with monthly premiums of only RM116 for male non-smoker age 40 and plenty of value-added benefits, such as 200% payout in the event of Accidental Death, and even 100% payout in the event of Total Permanent Disability.

Raj and Devi can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing Arvind’s future is secure with eLife Protector+. Ensure a bright future for your children too, just like Raj and Devi.

Terms and conditions apply.


eLife Protector+ safeguards you and your loved ones from unexpected events and protects their financial future.

From as low as RM48/month
Terms and Conditions apply.

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