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Prioritise your savings goal this new year!


Happy New Year 2024! What are your resolutions for this year? If growing your savings is one of your main goals, we’ve got you sorted with eSaver, our online insurance savings plan. eSaver is a plan that not only helps you maximise your savings, it offers life protection as well!

We believe that starting your savings journey early is never a bad idea. The earlier you save, the earlier you reap the benefits! eSaver was built with growth of savings in mind, with only 4 years’ commitment for 5 years of benefits and protection. You can start saving from as low as RM500/year!

With eSaver, you will be able to grow your savings in a safe and sustainable way! eSaver provides an annual Guaranteed Cash Endowment (GCE) payout of up to 8% of your annual premium. Check out the breakdown below on how the GCE works! eSaver also protects your financial future with its guaranteed Maturity Benefit – 105% of your total premium paid which will be paid out to you upon the end of your 5th policy year as a reward for your commitment to saving!

We understand that there are always uncertainties in life. Hence, eSaver provides Death Benefit that will pay up to 108% of total premium paid to your loved ones in the unfortunate event of your demise. You can rest assured your family will receive your hard-earned savings even when you’re no longer around.

Tips: With eSaver, you can claim up to RM7,000 tax relief yearly under life insurance policies if you’re a public servant without EPF contributions, and up to RM3,000 if you’re an employee from the private sector.

Start saving smartly with eSaver, and your goals will come to fruition quicker than you know it!

Terms and Conditions apply.


eSaver offers short-term commitment and guaranteed returns of up to 8%*. You can rest assured the foundations of your dream future are secured!​

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